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Sa’Sen Yin:

As a child and later on as a teenager I always had the feeling that life must entail magic – that there’s something which we can’t see with our bare eyes. I grew older and lost more of my naivety, yet was able to maintain an innocent astonishment for the wonders of this world and for life itself. I continued to be on the lookout for the special something which I could only see with my heart. In this context I tried out various different spiritual angles. With regards to my own growth and evolvement, I was in search of a profound, lasting and effective manner.

Eventually, I found the Sa’Sen Yin Method.
The Sa’Sen Yin Method is a non-methodical method. Non-methodical because the counsellors don’t work according to a method as far as the normal methodical method is meant. Each person is a world within him or herself and therefore unique. So each person needs a different treatment. Each person receives an individual treatment. As far as the professional training is concerned, each counsellor is also regarded as a different person. Each counsellor will learn to develop his or her own talents and will as a consequence practice in a unique manner.

Why is it still called a method – there are certain ground rules: The counsellor needs to continuously stay “in love”; they need to take full responsibility; they need to give the person which is their client the possibility and show them how to become an independent person – independent from doctors or therapists/counsellors. We want to give the person back their independence. We want to give them back their own responsibility over their lives.

What we do within the Sa’Sen Yin Method is helping people to work on their own self-healing process. The client gets back to his/her own real self and from there he/she goes on with living his/her life. You as a client don’t give your responsibility nor your way of decisions out of hands. That is what really makes the Sa’Sen Yin Method stand out.

NOTE: The Sa’Sen Yin method does not replace a visit to the doctor or naturopath.